There's an expression being used, that goes like this: my way of the high way.
Basically meaning "either things get done the way I want them done or there will be trouble."
Or as Robocop used to say "come quietly or there will be trouble!"

I consider myself pretty easy going, but will say: I like things done a certain way.
It's not because I am a control freak (I probably am deep down), but because I have this unique ability to foresee things.

I'll give you an example: A couple of weeks ago my family and I hired a moving company to help move from Sydney Australia to the Netherlands. If it had been up to my husband, we would have done it all on our own, but I knew we would save ourselves tremendous amounts of headache if we use a reputable moving company instead.

How right I was. The move alone was stressful, but thank goodness the company took care of most of the headache for us.

Am I always pushing to get things done my way? No, only when it matters. Or at least when I foresee it mattering a great deal!

Either way, welcome to my new blog. Here you'll learn about things I do... the Monni way ;)